The Most Outrageous Things Ever Caught on Security Cameras


A few years ago, my husband and I purchased one of those fancy security cameras for our apartment before leaving on vacation. Our landlords at the time were a little sketchy and had a habit of “dropping in” unannounced, so we figured, hey — better safe than sorry.

In the years since our purchase, we have never captured video of our landlords, neighbors, or anyone else doing anything even remotely questionable. What we have captured on video is way better, though. Things like our dog accidentally falling behind the couch when he tried to jump onto the back of it, our dog stealing a piece of toast right after I put it on the table, and our dog farting himself awake from a nap. Mostly just funny clips of our dog, if I’m being honest.

Obviously, security cameras can provide authorities with video evidence that may help in an investigation, and that’s great! But they also do a great job of capturing funny events that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. Here are some hilarious events as seen by security cameras.

Flare gun.

That cat is clearly up to no good.


Then again, that could be said about most cats.

22 quarts of Ranch dressing.
Seeing the aftermath is great, but actually watching the footage of the big spill?


Check out.

I’ve never been chased by a rooster before, but I have to assume that if I were in the same position as this woman, I would look much more panicked.

Lunch thief.
Someone give that bird a medal!

And then give him a sandwich. He looks hungry.

Well, that stinks.

There’s nothing you can do but watch as your home is destroyed.

At least your puppy is super cute, though.

Such a story.
See? If you didn’t have a camera hooked up, you would have missed out on this cinematic masterpiece.

There’s so much to unpack here. Aren’t you glad it’s on video?

Bobcat attack.
Hey, maybe the cat’s name was Bob.

Yeah. Let’s go with that.

Cruel, but clever.

Just seeing this still image is enough to give me the willies.

I can only imagine how freaked out the family must have been.

Kids these days.
Oh, to be a child again.

When you can just hop around like this any nobody cares.


This kid is going places.

Jail, for instance.

Hawk and the weathercam.
Is it just me, or can you hear this somehow, even though there’s no sound?


Excuse me!

Just another example of the unrealistic beauty standards set by archery targets.

Happy Saturday!
Oh, you mean you don’t go to your office to practice your jousting on Saturdays?

Pfft. Casual.

Doors, am I right?
Hey, doors are hard.

That’s why you should try to keep your head away from them.

Nice muscles.
If you work hard to get big muscles, you deserve to check yourself out in the security camera monitor.

Sorry. That’s just a fact.

OK, this is adorable.
I find myself suddenly wanting both a doorbell camera and a child.

Trash can ballet.



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