People Are Swapping Stories Of The “Dumbest Ways” They Got Scars (20 Stories)


“How I got this scar” stories are some of the best anecdotes we get to tell. A scar is like an unintentional tattoo that you never wanted and so often come with an entertaining and embarrassing tail. When someone asks, you’re supposed to turn your scar into an epic adventure of a battle you definitely didn’t lose but was difficult enough to leave a mark. Of course, the truth is usually something really stupid you did as a child (or drunk in your 20s).

Redditor u/lilsaddam was hankering for some embarrassing entertainment and asked the people of Reddit: “What’s The Dumbest Way You’ve Gotten A Scar?”
Here are the Redditor’s 20 best dumb scar stories for your amusement.

“I was in middle school and we were going to see coach carter in theaters with the boys b-ball team. Middle school me was PUMPED. While in the shower I thought “Coach Carter eh, I bet they do push ups in that movie. Imma do push ups right now” Tried to do a wall push up. Slipped, smacked my face on the edge of the tub, and split my upper lip open from mouth to nose. Needless to say, did not make it to the movie.” –lovesbreadtakesdumpz

“I have a scar on my forearm from a weaponized paper airplane I taped razor blades to and launched with a rubber band” –Vnv_23

“Early one morning I was taking my dog, Snoopy, outside to use the bathroom and I guess he had to go really bad. So, he started flying down the stairs of the back porch right after I opened the door. He was on a leash and I didn’t want to hurt him and make him fall down the stairs, so I rushed out behind him. I was wearing a pair of wool socks and slippers and as I awkwardly started following him, the bottom corner of the screen door clipped me on the heel.

It hurt a bit and I just limped around as he did his business. When I got back inside I decided to take my sock off because it was uncomfortably hurting and I see there is a good amount of blood that has seeped through the sock. I pull it off and see that I actually have a pretty big gash across the back of my ankle. A shitty screen door fucked me up, all because of bad timing.” –-eDgAR-

“I got hit on the bridge of my nose by a ceramic toilet seat when I was learning to pee like a big boy.


Now I think about it – that’s probably the best outcome there.” –Oddball_bfi

“When I deliberately cut myself. Not seriously, I just wanted the word “Ninja” on my hand. Don’t ask me why…” –KittyPitty

“I was bitten by a wild otter while ice fishing with 2 of my uncles. We didn’t mean to corner it, but between 5’11” me and my 6’5″ uncle, I can see why it picked me.” –thebarefootninja

“My brother, sister and I all have the same kind of scar in our left eyebrow and got them at the same age. My brother opened an empty dresser drawer and smacked himself in the face, my sister ran into a brick wall and I fell off the couch onto a coffee table.” –ac1dre1gn77

“I was headbanging my hair dry in the bathroom, I hit the counter. I was 8.” –calamityjane515

“Boys from my class were throwing CDs like you throw frisbee. One of those hit me right between the eyes. Still got a small scar there.” –Domoradzka

“Playing man hunt. Some idiot made the camp fire area base. I was running for my life to get there, jumped this huge pile of fire wood, tripped over something and rolled right into the fire. It could’ve been SO much worse, but I only burned my elbow and some of my hair. It’s been probably 15 years and the scar is only about 3inches long and 1 wide.” –jwolfe728
“7 year old me was “helping” my mum iron clothes, I pulled on the cord, the iron fell and smacked me right in the face. I still have a scar above my right eye.” –watsik27

“I was 7, mum said “don’t use that knife to cut that orange” I used that knife to cut that orange. Things I learned: orange juice in a wound stings but not as much as the knowledge you can’t go crying to your mum.” –Redditpbl2009

“Lazy me liked to iron clothes while wearing them when I was twenty years old. My left arm can testify.” –Sofiasofia10

“I was trying to squeeze between 2 cars. One of the cars must have had a jagged bumper because it sliced a 2 inch gash in my leg.” –Carsto_2

“I was bitten by a guinea pig. Worse than that, a friend of mine was bitten by a snail.” –OwlsMirror

“I have one on the back of my hand from rubbing the skin off with a pencil eraser longer than the other kid did when I was 13 just to prove I was “tough” –lilsaddam

“For my 8th birthday, a classmate got me something like a “grow your own stalagmite” kit you could buy at educational stores. Anyway, I kept it and the other birthday presents I got in a cardboard box in my room. Evidently, at some point, moisture got into the box and the plastic the powder was in, and it began expanding. Having nowhere else to go, the “stalagmite” material oozed its way out through the narrow slits in its box, and hardened into razor sharp edges. I found this out quite bloodily when I put my hand into my birthday box to grab another toy, and pulled it out with permanently altered fingerprints on my thumb, index, and middle fingers.” –Dahhhkness

“My mother and brother were arguing about ice cream cone sizes, so my brother stormed off, I followed him back to a villa thing we were staying at. He didn’t have a key and we didn’t want to wait so I just punched through the glass in the sliding door to make an entrance. There were probably a thousand other safer ways to do it but it just seemed the quickest. Fucking ice cream cone sizes, man.” –CarlDJB

“I gave myself a scar across my eye because I was drunk, watching revenge of the sith, and thought it’d look cool.” –Illogical4th

“Drunk, and leaned down to kiss a strange dog on the nose, of all things. 27 stitches down my nose later…” –postmoderngeisha



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