Man Feels Mouth Lump ‘Move’ 5 Days After Finding It, When He Looks… GROSS


This story is about a really disgusting thing that a guy had experienced. Most of us may be blissfully unaware of such a thing. But in the lines that follow you will surely get to have a clear idea of how strange and miraculous the human body actually is.
The video that has gone viral is quite a disturbing one indeed as people are really very much shocked by the horrendous sight recently seen inside the mouth of a man. After feeling that a lump was there inside his mouth that he probably discovered almost 5 days prior start to “move,” he decided to whip out his camera and what he actually found was downright gross.

It just all started when Brandon Douglas, an American stationed with the Navy in Bahrain (a country probably in the Middle East), just noticed an odd lump that was just underneath his tongue. However, when it actually started to drain pus, he finally decided that the best thing he could do was have it checked out before it is too late.

According to the sailor, the “Dentist said it was probably a stone developing (and) four days later I end up pushing that bad boy out.” For those who are actually unaware, Brandon is talking about what is called a salivary stone that develops only in the submandibular duct.

“I guess it’s from not staying hydrated and some other factors,” he went on to say. “I stay pretty hydrated, so I’m hoping it was a fluke.”

Just as the dentist had warned, almost about 4 days later Brandon felt something begin to move in his mouth, so he ran to the bathroom and just whipped out his phone.

He just to found out, that the stone had nowhere else to grow and was just finally trying to make its way out of Brandon’s mouth. In just 10 short seconds, the stone actually managed to slide its way out from underneath the sailor’s tongue before he pulled it out of his mouth for ultimate good.

According to this man, the pain for the five days it was in his mouth was really a way rather unpleasant but once it is out, it all goes away finally. This is utterly really very disgusting, but it just goes to show how miraculous the human body really is. Well, after all, this thing had managed to work its way out of this guy’s mouth all on its own. How incredible is that? What do you say?



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