Javed Miandad spinning down the PCB’s propose to become the team’s batting instructor

Former Pakistan captain & Stylish Batting Legend Javed Miandad, later than spinning down the PCB’s propose to become the state team’s batting instructor, lashed out at the structure and supposed effects would never get better except and until a long-term preparation is set.


Javed Miandad, who is too held the Director-General of Cricket post in the PCB, told journalists here that he didn’t crave to agree to get any further position devoid of influence.

“In the ancient times I have had three earlier periods with the team as head coach and they didn’t

finish fine. That also unfair my verdict,” Javed said.

“But mostly I didn’t allow this pose because I suppose that there is necessitate for correct long-term preparation in Pakistan cricket both team and board, and development cannot come through stop-gap events,” he added.


“I don’t notice any reason person served by having a side of coaches in the team. We before now have a number of coaches for bowling and fielding in the squad and you can witness the development in these areas in latest times, It is of no utilize having so several coaches. There ought to be one trainer and he should be liable for all and in addition should be given absolute authority to acquire solid decisions,” Miandad said.

He said beginning an individual peak of analysis if any batsman wanted coaching after measuring off to international cricket he must be goes down from the team.

“You don’t require to be coached regarding batting techniques at this stage and I declare if any player fails for a many matches or is getting out making the similar mistakes, purge him straight away and offer others to an opportunity. Apart from there is improvement in variety not no matter which will shift forward,” he said.

He critical out players was positive chances; even with not knowledge or improving and that was not excellent for the side. “These sorts of concern were the grounds for my precedent brawls with the board,” he cleared.

Sources declare that Miandad firstly had exposed his awareness in suitable the batting coach but required more power than chief coach Waqar Younis, which the PCB didn’t have the same opinion to.

“I’ve been exists for the coaching job prior to and I had full it up as fine but there were firm things that happened due to which I will not trainer again,” said Miandad later than Pakistan team’s training gathering in Qaddafi Stadium Lahore.

“I was bagged on various circumstances in what went before. When the squad was in the procedure of transformation in 2004, the board’s then chairman Shahryar Muhammad Khan dismissed me. So it goes to explain that Pakistan cricket principally is in difficulty not just due to the players but also as of the management.”

“In the history, the administration never truly cared regarding the prospect. They didn’t still imagine on where the sport was route. They now didn’t wish for consider on it.”


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