It’s Not Always Easy To Spot A Liar But Sometimes It Is (25 Tells)


The older you get, the more you realize that a lot of people out there are totally full of sh—t. The most insecure people lie about who they are and make themselves seem more knowledgeable about things they don’t really know anything about.

Right off the bat, some of them will try to manipulate you to suit their own needs, whether those needs are getting you involved in their Facebook pyramid scheme or convincing you to buy their Instagram detox tea. Sometimes they just want to recruit you to their way of thinking.

Redditor u/waldo06 recently asked: “What do people say that makes you instantly know they are full of sh—t?” and hundreds of people replied with red flags that let people know that someone is a blowhard.

The one-uppers. “I went on holiday to Greece last year and-” “Yeah well when I lived in Greece I nearly got married to a rich man who owned a feta factory and also I went to the moon”—u/tinkeratu

I can help you make so much money you can live off the proceeds without having to work!—u/Pentacostal-Haircut


“It’s all natural and doesn’t have chemicals, so it’s good for you.” Yeah, so is the vacuum of space, how about I toss you into that?—u/Avatar_ZW

“Would I lie to you?”—u/Chorb77

When they only speak in hyperbole. The “biggest” or “the greatest”, etc. etc. etc.—u/AlariusOfBrell

Bragging about IQ is a huge red flag for me. I’m also annoyed that having a high IQ is something that some people still treat as an accomplishment.—u/WellTemperedClavier

“(generic off the wall comment), well if you don’t believe me just look it up.” You look it up, they are incorrect.—u/BuyNLargeCorp

“My eye colour changes depending on what mood I am in” I am amazed how many different people I have heard this from.—u/albertagenuinedraft

EDIT: The amount of responses I’m getting from people claiming this actually happens to them just proves my point further. The colour “looking different in different lighting” is not the same thing.

Anyone who writes they graduated from “The University of Life” on their profile.—u/NaughtySpider

“I’m not a racist/sexist/homophobe, but…”—u/ask_a_stranger
When you are telling someone about something and they have to cut you off to tell you about something similar that is slightly better in some way.—u/starscreamsghost17

“Do your own research” invariably means, “No, don’t find the most likely explanation. You need to watch this YouTube video of a guy in a truck with sunglasses on. He makes a lot of sense.”—u/AwkwardRelevance

Anyone who says something about detox. Edit: By detox, I mean the people who drink “detox tea” cuz it would help remove toxins and negative energies from their bodies. Not people who go to rehab.—u/abeast0333

I’m a massage therapist and anyone who says they’re in the same profession as me because they practice Reiki is full of sh—t, without exception.—u/BW_Bird

When they don’t stop talking or have unlimited stories—u/No_Web_9121

“I’m a Navy SEAL,” from guys trying to hit on me. I get it, you’re ALL Navy SEALs 🙄. Why do I attract that type?—u/athena-zxe11

Anyone who feels compelled to remind you of their education or achievements prior to dispensing unsolicited advice.—u/TheSpatulaOfLove

“It’s a fact that…”

“Believe me.”

“I am very smart/a genius.”

“I have a great thing.” That never materializes

“No one is better than me.”

These are all things bullsh*tters say and do in order to manipulate the people around them.—u/crystalistwo

Leery of anyone using the phrase, “out of the kindness of my heart.” I think I’ve sincerely only ever heard it from people who have absolutely no kindness in their hearts.—u/Amiiboid

Either on a dating profile or on a first date when a woman says “I have no time for drama.” They LOVE drama and live for it. They can’t get enough. They have an unquenchable thirst for drama. Everyone likes a little drama. There’s nothing wrong with it. That’s why reality shows are so popular. Just don’t go out of your way to say it every two minutes. That means you’re full of it.—u/casino_night
It’s not what they say, it’s how they say it. There are a subset of people who “fake smile” while talking to you and it’s pretty obvious when you learn to recognize it. These people are full of sh—t and I don’t trust them.—u/throwaway_barom

“If I got something to say to you I’ll say it to your face, that’s the type of person I am”. It’s never the type of person they are.—u/Superbad415

Any time someone tells me therapy is pointless, or that my feelings don’t matter.—u/phaneronisnotreal

“Facts don’t care about your feelings” – 90% of the time, the “facts” this person is talking about are misused at best and more likely opinions or falsehoods.—u/SilentSamamander

“My black friend”—u/u2sunnyday



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