Is Yahya Toure’s involvement an effective symbol for Manchester City?

Defending elevated up the ground is not the latest theory in several ways but it has to turn out to be more famous just as of the way Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona team has working the policy so successfully.


England’s Italian manager Fabio Capello adopted a related maneuver in the latest Euro 2012 succeeding win over Wales following making his players observe videos of the Spanish La Liga champions. And in a term where his side has been condemned for being as well inactive, Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini used the scheme to enormous outcome as his side evidenced a revelation FA Cup semi-final triumph over strongest Manchester United here on late Saturday.

The charming goal, wonderfully taken by City’s Yahya Toure, was a case in spot. The Ivory Cost star seized Michael Carrick’s pass outside the box prior to rounding Nemanja Vidic and slotting the ball past Edwin van der SAR. Carrick has been severely fated for his unwise pass in the increase to the goal but acknowledgment should also go to man-of-the-match Yahya Toure, who squeezes in to dash the ball sooner than it reached Manchester United’s Paul Scholes.

Previous Barcelona midfielder Yahya Toure had grown aggravated with a need of form under Guardiola but he leaded City’s five-man midfield at Wembley, proving that there is further to his sport than only defense.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson employed a 4-5-1 formation against Manchester City, with Korean Park Ji-Sung working ahead of Carrick and Scholes in the midfield. It emerged to be the exactly move as Man United conquered the early on exchanges and shaped two clear goal scoring chances, both spurned by Dimitar Berbatov.


But then City started to push their rivals top up the ground and began judgment gaps among United’s deeper central midfield combination.

“Maybe we had a little dread in the first 20-25 minutes,” said Roberto Mancini later than the 1-0 victory. “In the previous 10-15 minutes of the first half, we started with forceful; since we started we press them too. In the second half, we conquered the competition

The renaissance was epitomized by Gareth Barry, who, along with Nigel de Jong, was the mainly successful tackler in the Manchester City’s midfield.

As for Yahya Toure, his contribution improved radically after the half-time gap The number of times he touched the ball go up noticeably, backing up City goal keeper Joe Hart’s state that the Ivorian was “fired up” and frantic to find a seize on the game.

Yaya Toure’s increased touches in the second half built-in the interception for the pleasing goal maybe more effective was the number of interceptions set by City. In the first half, they managed eight contrasts to United’s two. In the second, they prepared 16 to United’s 10.

Then there was Carrick’s transitory truth. That cut down from 92% in the first half to 74% in the second. Was that down to awful verdict making or as City’s players were enhanced located to press and get benefit?

United’s grounds positively was not helped by discharge of Paul Scholes for an irresponsible dare on Pablo Zabaleta. Manchester United was also lacking the services of their goal machine Wayne Rooney, who missed the match since suspension, while City had to craft do without their own amulet, Argentine star Carlos Tevez.

Maybe City keeps on pleasure and irritate in different measure. Sandwiched among the semi-final over United and a 5-0 crush of Sunderland was an utter loss at Liverpool.

But what do you think? Is City opening to thrive under Mancini? And will the Italian’s plans guarantee win over Stoke City in the FA Cup final?


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