Faheem Gul may quit due to insufficient financial reimbursement

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s National Squash Team Trainer Faheem Gul may perhaps measurement behavior with the Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) following quote differences with the administration and insufficient financial reimbursement as huge ‘annoyances’ weigh down his job.


“I am thinking to describe it a day, principally as I don’t observe any excellent thing approaching my way,” Faheem Gul, a previous national player, belonging to squash families, who reaching World No.7 position through his peak years, told here sports news reporters.

The national trainer, possessing intercontinental ability and as well ranked as one of the pinnacle coaches in Asian Region, critical out: “I am giving my most excellent and ever since 2007 elapsed things had been going pretty very well at the Pakistan Squash. However, currently I don’t believe contented.

“I have coaching bids from a number of countries but I am considering up my selections and will go for the finest one in case my apprehensions are not determined by the Federation,” spoken unhappy Faheem while abstaining from detailed the reasons persuasive him to depart from the Federation.

Faheem Gul a 55 years old veteran squash coach, was involved in refreshing Pakistan’s squash kismets as players like Aamir Atlas Khan, Farhan Mahboob, Yasir Butt, Mansoor Zaman, Waqar Mahboob, Danish Atlas Khan, & Maria Toor and a number of fresh young players charged much superior on the international and professional Squash circuit in his preparation.


Under Faheem’s teaching, Aamir Atlas Khan and Farhan Mahboob won the medals for Pakistan at the 2010 Asian Games and afterward given cash awards by the government. but, only a insufficient monetary advantage was complete to him.

“I was not given the financial benefit particularly following the 2010 Asian Games where our players won Gold medals just the reason of my training, players and other Staff have get the great benefits but why they keep me behind.” complained Faheem.

Its not first case when a legend coach is going away, prior to this Rahmat Khan was also departed due to the similar problems.


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