Australia Punches Bangladesh heavily

In second ODI at Sher-e-Bengal National Stadium, Mirpur, Ex-World champions Australia punches a lot to Bangladesh by winning huge margin 9 wickets. Bangladesh has won the toss and elects to bat first but they failed to give any tough moment to ex-world champions.


Tamim Iqbal & Imrul Kayes start the innings, Tamim departures by Michael Johnson on a fine delivery Tamim slashed and slashed hard but got a thick outside edge, the ball travelled at a quick pace towards third man, here outstanding fielding by Shane Watson who grabbed his catch brilliantly. Watson was standing at wide slip dived full length to his left and took it with both hands! The face does not even show any emotion after taking that catch but Johnson smiles. Early break for Australia,

Imrul Kayes’ struggle at the crease ends very shortly. Johnson delivered a Short outside off ball, Kayes goes for the pull but the ball climbs up on him, takes the top edge and goes straight up in the air. Here Watson does not have to move much from mid-wicket and takes it comfortably. And, the batsmen do not even cross. He has bucket-like hands, Watson. This catch Ends a very slow innings played 41-ball and just made 5 runs by.

Soft dismissal and Smith gets paid for his efforts! Bit more air than the previous one, on off stump, not much pace Shahriar Nafees looks to drive it back but are not to the pitch of the ball and ends up hitting it straight back to the bowler, Smith collects and throws the ball in the air, this was his second wicket, Nafees stands over there, frustrated. He was looking really good, failed to capitalize on his start. He left lot of pressure on Bangladesh; they have lost half their side very immediately.

6th ODI duck for Roqibul, Terrific delivery! Pitches this on good length just outside off, Roqibul pushes at it with his feet glued to the crease, it is a genuine leg cutter, leaves the batsman, beats the bat and hits off stump! Hastings is all over the moon as he rushes towards his mates to celebrate.


This will do Smith a world of good. Nicely tossed up as well, Shakib-ul-Hasan looks to play that across the line through the one side but misses and the ball hits the stumps! Not a great shot by him but an excellent delivery from Smith who simply cannot hide his glee, smith ends a useful partnership for Bangladesh.

Shane Watson, who already taken two catches gets another breakthrough; he maintains the stump-to-stump line, Mahmudullah goes for a flick across the line one too many, misses and is hit on the pads. Watson appeals and the umpire’s finger goes up, Watson roar in anger more than joy but that is the end of an actually solid partnership. Good contribution from Mahmudullah as well.

Mohammad Sohrawordi gives himself room again and tries to go over cover but Smith jumps high in the air at that area and takes a calm catch, this was the Third wicket for Johnson. Excellent small part from Sohrawordi and the end of his quick fire stand.

And Bangladesh gets the breakthrough, Brad Haddin comes down the track and looks to go big but does not get to the pitch of the ball and it goes from the inside part of the bat to mid-wicket! Mahmudullah accepts the opportunity and at last, the hosts get a wicket! This is what they were looking for. But a terrific opening stands.

After losing first wicket while Australia was standing on 62/1, Watson slaughtered the Bangladesh bowling  he smashes 15 four and hitting the same amount sixes he ended the Australian innings with an easy triumph in just 26th over while ex-skipper Ricky Ponting stands calmly on non striker end and viewing his inning.

Bangladesh have uses their all six blowing options but none of them stop Watson, as he was on peak. His innings was the fastest ever innings in ODI but yet he fails to break the record of Shahid Afridi’s 37 Balls ton in Kenya against Sri Lanka.


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