Welcome to our November edition of the Games bulletin. We have so much to tell and Update you with the Games Program. It is exciting and we are in Geelong, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia. As of early November, we have over 850 participants, which includes sport entrants (including our friends from New Zealand, Fiji and Samoa), visitors, volunteers, Games Organizing team, sponsors and others attending the Games, which is wonderful.


We have 1,200 seats available at our Opening Ceremony and if you include the GOC, Games participants, volunteers, our Oceania friends, sponsors, and VIPs attending this event, we are filling up fast. Don’t miss out buy your registration now!

There are some changes to the Sports program with some sports being canceled due to low numbers. These include Athletics, Basketball, Cycling, Shooting, and Surfing. More details below.

The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) wants you all there and we are hoping for the biggest Games attendance ever. We have extended invitations to the State Minister for Sport, Hon. Hugh Delahunty and the Federal Minister for Sport – Hon. Mark Arbib and are hopeful they will be able to attend. Check out our website, Facebook and Twitter sites – add your stories. More details below:

Why are we so excited? The Games is jammed packed with so many sport and social events.


This bulletin has information on:

• Sports Program Update 2

• Games Hub Update 7

• The DAY PASS ticket program 8

• ADSF Cup information 9

• Social Program 9

• Games Photographer – Are you interested? 11

• Individual Sports registration deadline changed 11

• Games Registration Late Rate deadline – 31 December – HURRY 11

• 2nd Sport Registration – how to do it 12

• Accommodation – DO IT NOW 13

• Volunteers Needed 13

• Sport Venues – where are they? Check here on Google Maps 14

• ADG Sponsors and Partners 14

• Games Schedule – an update 16

• Joining your State / Territory / Country team – Who to contact? 17

• Sports Program Update

As you are aware, the team sports registration deadline closed on the 31st of October. Individual sports close on 1st December. The GOC is now in a better position to share information on what Sports will be occurring at the 2012 Games. Times have changed and interest in the many sports has also changed. While the Sports Program detail is still not yet finalized, the following information gives you an idea of how many teams are involved in which sports. All sport program details will be confirmed in December. An updated Sports Schedule is also included in the Bulletin.


With a low number of registrations, on the advice of Deaf Aquatics Australia, we have decided to merge the swimming competition with the Victorian State Swimming Championships being held at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC) in Melbourne. The State Championships are being held from 14 – 16th January and Swim Victoria and Swim Australia have agreed to allow deaf competitors to either compete in the open events (if their qualifying times are good enough) or the multi-class events.

Another critical reason for the change is that the swim officials from Geelong will be working at the State championships and we would have struggled to get them for our own event in Geelong. Because of this change, we have extended the deadline for Aquatics registration until Friday 9th December. For more information on the Aquatics program, please contact us.

Athletics – changed to a Elite Training / Coaching session

Sadly, the small number of entries for athletics and the cost of running the event have forced us to cancel the Athletics competition at these Games. We are considering running a Training and Coaching session for those keen deaf athletes who wish to participate. We are hoping to get some top coaches / mentors to assist us.

People who have registered for Athletics are able to get their registration fee refunded or transferred to another sport event. Please contact us for further information. If you are interested in competing on an international level in Athletics, it is an event at the Deaflympic Games – please contact Deaf Sport Australia for more information.


The GOC is very disappointed; we don’t have enough registrations for basketball. We tried very hard and worked closely with Deaf Basketball Australia, to make sure it happened. Due to low registration numbers and high venue costs, we have to cancel the sport. People who have registered for Basketball are able to get their registration fee refunded or transferred to another sport event. Please contact us for further information.

If you are interested in competing on an international level in Basketball, it is an event at the Deaflympic Games – please contact Deaf Basketball Australia for more information.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball competition has teams from Victoria, Queensland, NSW, Fiji, Samoa and combined States/Territories. They will be playing men’s, women’s and mixed pairs. We look forward to an exciting event at Eastern beach.


Cricket was missing at the 2008 Gold Coast Games so we are really pleased it is back on again and looking very strong. It will be 20/20 competition and we have teams from Victoria, NSW, South Australia and a combined States / Territories team.


Cycling was included as a demo sport and we were unsure if there would be enough interest from deaf cyclists to run a competition. We also found out the all cyclists needed to have a racing license to compete in our events. Unfortunately, with low numbers and high costs of hiring the venue, Cycling has been cancelled. People who have registered for Cycling are able to get their registration fee refunded or transferred to another sport event. Please contact us for further information.

If you are interested in competing on an international level in cycling, it is an event at the Deaflympic Games, please contact Deaf Sport Australia for more information.


Darts is slowly improving in registration numbers – deadline is 1st December. We have teams from Western Australia, Victoria, New Zealand and South Australia. Hoping other States involvement will make it a stronger competition.


This competition has excellent representation from many States including NSW, South Australia, Queensland, New Zealand, Victoria and Western Australia. Looking forward to this competition, held at night time at the new Slate Pool club in Geelong CBD.


Futsal (indoor soccer) is a demonstration sport and it will be the first time for deaf soccer players to compete in. A late burst of registrations have kept the sport in the Games but with a reduced program. Likely participants from Victoria, Western Australia, NSW and Queensland. We look forward to seeing this event, as it is new, very active and quick.

Due to the reduced program (see Sports Schedule), it also means the fee has been reduced from $75 to $25. GOC will be in touch with those who have paid the $75 fee to arrange a refund, or transfer to another sport.


Golf has become one of the stronger sports with the 2012 Games showing excellent registration numbers from across Australia. We have teams from NSW, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria and South Australia. The competition is being played at the well-known 13th Beach course at Barwon Heads.

Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls has always been a popular sport and we have teams from NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, New Zealand and Western Australia. We look forward to an excellent event at the Belmont Bowls Club.


Netball registrations have achieved one of the highest numbers of all sports at the Geelong Games. Well done to Deaf Netball Australia for their promotion of this event. We also have for the first time, a mixed netball competition with men and women competing in the same teams. Victoria, NSW, Queensland, South Australia, ACT and 6 combined State/ Territory team will compete at the Netball Centre at Kardinia Park, Geelong. Mixed netball will be played at a different venue, on Saturday 21st January.

Rugby 7’s

Another demonstration sport and already we have 4 teams from Queensland, NSW, Victoria and Fiji. Well done to Southern Cross Deaf Rugby Union, a new member of DSA for organizing this event and we look forward to Rugby 7’s being a permanent feature in future Australian Deaf Games.


Shooting, like cycling, is a demonstration sport and the GOC agreed to see if it would be popular as a demonstration sport. Unfortunately, registration numbers were too low and we have to cancel the event. Like cycling, we had an issue with all entrants requiring shooting licenses. People who have registered for Shooting are able to get their registration fee refunded or transferred to another sports event. Please contact us for further information.

If you are interested in competing on an international level in Shooting, it is an event at the Deaflympic Games – please contact Deaf Sports Australia for more information.


Squash is not as popular a sport as it used to be however we still have teams from South Australia, Victoria, Queensland involved in the Games as well as a player from New Zealand. Will Peter Walters win again?


A new but increasingly popular sport among deaf people and some are now competing in international Deaf Surf championships. Unfortunately, registration numbers have been very poor for this event – perhaps it is the wrong time for surfing in the Geelong area and it is hard to select a day when the weather plays a critical role for surfing to happen. This sport event is now canceled. If you are interested in deaf surfing,

People who have registered for Surfing are able to get their registration fee refunded or transferred to another sport event. Please contact us for further information.

Table Tennis

Like squash, Table Tennis is not a popular sport but it has been in the Australian Deaf Games for many years. We have teams from South Australia, NSW, Fiji and Victoria as well as players from ACT, South Australia and New Zealand. Come and watch our champion players who have represented Australia in past Deaflympic Games.


A popular sport but for some reason struggling with registration numbers at these Games. We are hoping we have a good number of participants as we have some excellent players who have represented Australia in recent international championships and Deaflympics and won medals. We have players from NSW, Queensland and Victoria currently involved. Registrations close on 1st December – ‘Go Tennis.’

Tenpin Bowling

This sport is one of our stronger competitions and the Geelong Games will show just how good our deaf bowlers are. We have teams from NSW, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria. It will be held at the Bowls Centre in Belmont, next door to the Lawn Bowls centre.

Touch Football

A new sport growing in popularity and offered as a demonstration sport at the 2012 Games. We have teams from the ACT, NSW, Queensland, Victoria and hopefully Fiji (if they can combine their rugby skills with touch football). A Fantastic sport for the first time sport event.

• Games Hub Update

The Games Hub will be located at:

Deakin University

Geelong Waterfront Campus

1 Gheringhap Street

Geelong VIC 3220

Games Registration tags, sports bag, and program book can be collected at the Games Hub starting from:

From Monday 16th January 2012, Games Registration information can be collected from the GOC office at the Games Hub. The Games Registration Fee provides entry to the opening and closing ceremonies, Games bag, insurance and free entry to all sports and the Games Hub.

Note:No photograph on the registration tag is required. You must present a photo ID and concession card at registration pick up for proof of concession fee. Those who sent in photos with their forms will have photos returned when picking up registration.

• ADSF Cup

The Australian Deaf Games allows State / Territory teams to compete for the Australian Deaf Sports Federation Cup. Points won at each sport event are accumulated and the State / Territory with the highest points score win the Cup. Demonstration sports are not included in ADSF Cup points. Queensland won the ADSF Cup in 2008 at the Gold Coast Games. Who will win in 2012? Below is a picture of the ADSF Cup.


• Social program (preliminary)

Deaf Sports and Recreation Victoria (DSRV) have been working closely with GOC to Organize the Social Program. Much effort through the co-ordination of Meg Aumann has come up with a program that will interest and cater to all ranges of people. The program is still in draft stage but you will note there are some events happening for the first time including:

‘Grey Power’ Forum (senior citizens event for anyone over 50 years old; Deaf Film Festival (co-ordinate by Arts Access Victoria); Chess event; Comedy Night;

“Signing about Your Generation”; Colin Allen, President of the World Federation of the Deaf and Sheena Walters (World Association of Sign Language Interpreters) presentations; Deaf Youth events and Medal presentations.

A new part of the program is the “Deaf, Youth, Sport and Leadership” program in which the GOC is working in partnership with Deaf Children Australia. The program aims to encourage young deaf people (13 – 17 years) to learn and participate in sport, culture and leadership activities. It will also include a workshop for parents. More information soon.

Social Program at the Games Hub venue. The Eureka Hotel, Geelong is a nightclub and has been booked for Friday (20th) and Saturday night (21st) and it will cost a $ 10 entry fee. More information soon.

• Games Photographer (are you interested?)

The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) is advertising for a professional photographer to take pictures during the Games. Similar to the 2008 Gold Coast Games, we are willing for the photographer to take photos and sell online for a reasonable cost, as long as the GOC has a free copy of all photos taken to use for promotional and information purposes. Acknowledgment of the photography workshop will be made. Deadline for applications, close on Friday 9th December. All inquiries, please contact us at DSA.

• Individual Sports registration deadline changed – 1st December.

After a special Sports Conveners’ weekend retreat at Geelong organized by the Games Organizing Committee (GOC), it was clear that we had to change the closing date for the individual sport registration entry. The reason is that more time was required to organize the sports program due to Christmas and New Year holidays. If you are interested in participating in individual sports such as athletics, golf, darts, and others, then you must complete your Games registration by 1st December 2011. No sport entries will be accepted after this date. Visitor Registration closes on 31st December 2011.

• Games Visitor Registration late Rate deadline – 31 December HURRY!!

The GOC is very pleased that the online registration process is working well with many new registrations being received daily keeping the DSA office busy. For paper registrations, you can contact DSA and request a printed registration form and pay by Cheque or money order. For more information,

. 2nd Sports Registration – how to do it

Recently we have had some inquiries from people who were unable to register for a second sport. It is important that you click on the ‘LOG IN’ link of the sport you want to register for. This will enable the registration system to recognize you as having already registered and avoided paying a 2nd Games Registration fee! This means you need to have your user name and password ready. If you want to play a SECOND SPORT and have not paid, you can click on the 2nd sport LOG IN and after you have included your username and password, it will go into your personal Login page – this is where you can tick the sport you want to play and pay the sport fee.

For example, you have entered Darts and paid your Games Registration fee and also the sports fee. You also received your username and password. You want to play a second sport – Eight-Ball. To pay the Eight-Ball sports fee: –

1. Click on the Eight-Ball Log In;

2. Enter your username and password and it will open up to your personal details as well as Eight-Ball sports fee information;

3. Enter the sports details;

4. Pay your sports fee;

5. Log out.

Please note: For those that are registering for the first time, you should click on the sport name or icon to register for the first time.

• Accommodation – DO IT NOW!

As we get closer to the Games time in January 2012, it becomes more difficult to organize accommodation. Several hotels have contacted us saying they are available for our Games participants. Do it now!! If you need other accommodation information, check out:

• Volunteers – thank you for registering

Volunteers are an important part of the Game’s success and we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers who wish to help us out with the various jobs required. We have over 100 volunteers who have registered interest in assisting us through the Games. This is a fantastic result and they are currently being contacted to inform them of the various jobs and finalize when they can assist us. Some jobs include drivers (12 seater buses), data entry, media, information packing, catering support, etc.

• Sport Venues – where are they?

Check out our 2012 Games interactive Google Map for all the 2012 Games sports and other venues. Click on below to see where everything is – most are close to the Geelong CBD.

• ADG Sponsors and Partners

Three new sponsors have come on board as sponsors and supporters of the 2012 Australian Deaf Games. The Australian Hearing Service – Geelong branch has offered to support us with the provision of free hearing tests to anyone who wishes to check their hearing. They will also provide support for our RANDOM HEARING TEST policy. The 2012 Games, for the first time, announced that all sports participants must have a hearing loss of 40 decibels (dB) or more in their best ear. The Games Organizing Committee (GOC) will be on the lookout for any sports participant who may be breaking the hearing loss rule and use the Australian Hearing Service on-site caravan to do an audiology test on GOC’s behalf.

The National Relay Service (NRS) has been an important part of deaf people’s lives since 1995 providing access to telephone services for deaf, hearing, and speech impaired people across Australia. The NRS will have an exhibitor table at the Games Hub and you are welcome to visit their ‘Help Desk’ service and ask any questions and collect information. The NRS will sponsor the Deaf Film Festival.

Deakin University (Waterfront Campus) has been wonderful supporters of the GOC, providing advice and access to the Campus as our Games Hub at a reduced cost. We believe we have an excellent, comfortable and central place where everyone can meet, chat, eat (at the canteen or from nearby cafes), relax, participate in social activities, medal ceremonies and enjoy the closing ceremony.

Thank you Australian Hearing Service, National Relay Service and Deakin University for your support.

Our major sponsors and partners to date include:

• Victorian Government

• City of Greater Geelong

• Vicdeaf

• Sign Language Communication (SLC)

• Transport Accident Commission

• Australian Communication Exchange

• Access Innovation Media

• Auslan

• Arts Access Victoria

• Deaf Children Australia

• Deakin University Waterfront Campus, Geelong

• Australian Hearing Services – Geelong

• National Relay Service

• Deaf Sports Recreation Victoria

Without them, we could not have a national event like the Australian Deaf Games. We are currently in contact with several more organizations for both sponsorship and partnership opportunities.


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