A Study in Pink from Agatha Christie – a Really Excellent Mystery and Suspense Book


A Study in Pink from Agatha Christie – a Really Excellent Mystery and Suspense Book

a study in pink


The author, Agatha Christie, always loved using today’s technology in her stories, so she wrote that a puzzle story called A Study in Pink. Place in a London flat, this novel follows the experiences of a younger woman, Miss Marple (Ruth Bradley), and her faithful dog, Sherlock Holmes (Tom Selleck). The story follows their lives from the viewpoint of the both the dogs as well as their detective Sherlock Holmes. The narrative of A Study in Pink can be really a timeless puzzle narrative that involves a pair of lovers, a secret society and an worldwide incident.


Primarily based on the books by Arthur Conan Doyle, modern crime thriller. An idealistic war hero, injured in battle, returns home in Afghanistan to an odd and magnetic genius who is looking for lodgings. It’s London, at the year 2020, and Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple are meeting for the 1st time.


It’s really a great mystery and suspense, but it’s more than only a puzzle. It’s a fascinating story about the way two people come to know one another despite the distance between them, and how a dog and a detective squeeze in to the whole film. This is an excellent, and very entertaining puzzle book.


I especially enjoy the way that they depict Miss Marple as the primary character of the story. She was alone who’d met Sherlock Holmes, thus there’s plenty of speculation in the publication about exactly what he believes of her. Her passion for him is also evident, even though it is not reciprocated, making her a very sympathetic character in the story.


In reality, she is also a excellent detective, as well as being a fantastic fan of books as well as the works of Sherlock Holmes. When she gets involved with somebody, it is commonly on account of the romance of these works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or a desire to find a way to solve the mystery that’s haunting her. Sherlock.



A Study in Pink can be a great mystery and suspense book, despite the fact that it is put in today’s setting. It follows the exact basic storyline that you’ll expect from an Agatha Christie story. However, additionally, it features some real openings, just like the mysterious man who would like to learn a great deal about Sherlock’s life, or perhaps the simple fact that he has a secret diary also he is also a detective. Also understands where Miss Marple lives.


The characters will also be very well-developed, because you’d expect while in exactly the exact same way that Agatha Christie writes her amazing mysteries and suspense books. They come to know each other, develop a bond and be friends.


Even though this can be a great mystery and suspense book, ” I think it’s a little lacking in the love section. The two of them do not have to know eachother and they should, which is why this really is one of her weaker novels.


There’s something about Agatha Christie that I simply love. She’s so smart and witty, but also able to produce characters which are just as interesting, if not more than the ones she’s got written about in additional puzzle books. She is effective at creating characters which are so real yet still believable. There is just a certain quality to her stories that only makes me desire to check out them, specially when I am not knowledgeable about the writer.


That’s the quality I got from reading about Miss Marple, too. Her characters have been all so very real therefore believable.


I can not wait to read her next Agatha Christie novel – The Mystery of Edwin Drood. It’s not the same story, also it will definitely be described as a book that I love. The following one, The Adventure of Charles Puddles, is due out soon too. So, I am certain that we’ll be appreciating this one together for many years to come.


If you haven’t read the action of Charles Puddles, you owe it to your self to achieve that! It is an excellent mystery, and the author wrote a great mystery and suspense book here, too.



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